New Year and Back to Blogging

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I’m dropping in to to let you all know that i’m going to be dedicating  a lot more time to this blog this coming year. Last year seemed to pass me by so quickly, think it was a combination of juggling new family life and returning to work following the end of maternity in June.

Since then i’m slowly getting more organised between work and family life and am now finding that I do have some periods of time where I can work on things for myself such as this blog.

I’m hoping to be posting at least twie a week, if not more. The blog will be a mx of family life, organisation tips, recipies and monthly favourities such as beauty, homeware, toddler and reading.

Please feel free to drop back any time and have a read. As always I love hearing from my readers so do leave a comment :). Its lovely to hear off you. Right i’m off to start planning some posts and a posting schedule which i’ll update you on soon.

Happy Reading



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