Baby Update 18 month Old

Hello everyone.

Today I thought I would start a new series here on the blog. I haven’t really talked about my little boy since way back on my first post which was my delivery story. Now he’s hit 18 months I thought I would share regular updates on the progress he’s making.

Harry turned 18 months old on 27th February this year.

He is talking so much more these days and is definitely trying to put words together to form sentences. I love listening to him gabbling away. The main words we are hearing every day are

  1. Daddy

  2. Mum Mum (this is now turning into Mummy – such a wonderful feeling hearing your name being called)

  3. Cawh – car

  4. Hi

  5. Bye

  6. s’write – its alright

  7. storwee – story/book

  8. hoover

Harrys walking is really good now, he’s even taken to running around most places. We’re currently on his second pair of shoes which he loves go to get out of the hallway and put on.

Toy wise, his favourites things seem to be books, flipping through the pictures himself or being read to. He has a cuddly toy penguin which he takes most places with him. Each night you can find Mr Penguin right by his side. He’s doing really well with starting to build with the large mega blocks he got.

Harry loves helping out round the house. Whenever there is washing to be hung up for drying, hes right there helping to pass the clothes to us. He gets excited when the hoover comes out, so much so that we have recently had to buy him a toy henry hoover.

He’s such an affectionate little boy. He’s recently taken to running straight at you and wrapping his arms round our legs, burying his face in-between them.

On the food front, Harry still has some bottles of milk in the morning and evening but he eats a variety of meals now. Favourites currently are cauliflower cheese and yoghurt. So far he hasn’t been too fussy and will eat meat, veg, fish and fruit. We’re still cutting it down quite a lot but Harry is taking well to sitting at the table with us and uses his fork to eat.

His sleep pattern is a lot better then it used to be. He sleeps in his cot bed but sometimes does end up coming into our bed still. We’re working on hopefully transitioning him into his own room before his second birthday in August. For the moment though I’m not complaining as one day he wont be that little tiny boy that wants mummy cuddles.

Overall we couldn’t be prouder at how far our little man has come. From that tiny 3lb 10oz baby to the happy boy he is today, Harry has achieved so much in his short life so far. We cant wait to see what the next 18 months will bring.

See you soon x


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