June Monthly Favourites

Hello everyone,

Today I’m back with a new post about the things that I have been loving throughout the month of June. I cant believe that we are no over halfway through the year. Where is the time going?

I also want to mention about the reasons I’ve been away from blogging these past couple of months. This is simply because life has been a bit hectic. I’ve had a lot of overtime to do in my day job and my partner had a fortnight away in South Africa with his work, followed by another work trip to Nottingham. Being left with a 1 year old and work meant that I didn’t have much spare time at all. I’m still trying to find that routine in which I can blog on a regular basis. So many dreams and ideas fill my head on a daily basis, that I think my brain gets too overloaded, resulting in me not doing anything at all about them. I might well write a blog post in the coming months on the ideas that I would like to make a reality. More on that later.

Enough of the ramblings and now onto what the post is actually about. Here’s my favourites for June.

June Favs

House and Garden

  1. Method Hand Wash – Botanical Garden

    £3 – Sainsburys

    I bought this hand wash a while back but had yet to use it. This month though it has been used in my bathroom. I love this product. Recently my hands have become very sore and cracked in areas. This wash however is very gentle on the skin and is causing less flare ups. Added bonus is that it comes in a quirky shaped bottle and has a lovely hand drawn pattern all over it.

  1. Tesco Oxy Action Stain Remover

    £3 – Tesco

    I purchased the coloured version of this but have to say it also works fantastically well on whites too. I add a bit to each wash with my normal powder and I certainly feel that my clothes come out looking brighter. It works really well on stains too. I usually leave the item to soak for a few hours with a good ½ scoop, then wash the item in the normal wash. Very good value compared with some of the more expensive brands.

  1. Heart Tin Planters

    £1 – B&M’s

    These lovely little tins come in a variety of shades and are brilliant for storing hair and make up brushes in. They are designed for pants but are ideal for a variety of storage solutions. They also look pretty nice stood on your dresser too.

Make Up and Beauty

  1. Dove Derma Spa

    £3.89 (was £7.79) – Boots

    I’ve always struggled to get a nice tan especially as I’m pale skinned and burn easily in the sun. Tanning sprays always end up looking streaky on me so you can imagine how happy I was to find this moisturiser with a gentle self tanner. I’ve been using this on and off now for a few weeks and I have definitely noticed a delicate even tan appearing. I no longer feel self conscious about having pale legs in the summer!! Available in fair to medium and medium to dark.

  1. DKNY Be Delicious

    £50 Boots

    My go to perfume this past month has been Be Delicious. If like me you like floral and fresh type scents, then I’m sure you will like this too. It has lovely apple notes which I can smell throughout the day. Refreshing and light, this is an ideal summery scent.

Food and Drink

  1. Cadburys Boost Bites

    £1 – most shops

    These little mini bites are so tasty. I could easily clear a bag in no time if I was left alone with one! They are little mini chocolate pieces with caramel and a soft centre. What can I say….I love them, go grab a bag :).

  1. Tea Pigs Jelly and Ice Cream teabags

    £5.25 Tea pigs

    I’m a newbie to the Tea Pigs range. I recently ordered a pick n mix box from the along with this special limited addition flavour. (Look out for a full review soon). This is a really nice flavour which took me by surprise. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much but the tea really does taste of liquid strawberry jelly and ice cream. I’m hoping it becomes a regular tea so its available to purchase a regular basis.

Well that wraps up this months favourites. As always I love to hear what your favourite items have been so please drop me a comment. Thank you for visiting my little blog and taking the time to have a read.

See you all soon




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